Health and Safety

We adhere to strict vehicle operation standards by ensuring the following.

Inspection: Safe vehicle loading inspection is carried out prior to each trip to ensure the truck meets the required road safety standards before dispatch to load.

Journey Management: We have journey-planning strategies to enhance safety by identifying the hazards associated with each journey. Journey plans are discussed at time of departure and drivers advised to pre-plan their journey by practicing self performance and self assessment programs.

Driver Fatigue Management: The number of hours that a driver may drive, and remain on duty is restricted. In addition, we carry out health and lifestyle training for the drivers to help them combat fatigue.

Drug and Alcohol: Being in possession of or using illicit drugs when on duty is strictly prohibited. We carry out post incident testing and random testing of illicit drugs at the commencement of each shift.

On board computers: The data output is regularly reviewed and the information used to improve driving behaviors. We have adopted GPRS, which is being implemented.

Safe Storage and handling of goods: Roy Parcel Services offers quality assurance practices that minimize health and safety risks related to the courier service. Roy has placed high emphasis to frank dialogue between management and staff to ensure that the benefits accruing in the implementation of these systems are well understood.