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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

It is our corporate policy to mold our services around our customers' specific requirements - offering integrated, creative and cost-effective solutions specially tailored to meet the unique and complex demands of individual customers. We are committed to providing our customers with only the highest quality service at the lowest possible costs.

Vision Statement

We at Roy Parcels Services are dedicated to finding the solutions essential for the next generation of logistic needs. We are committed to provide innovative and cost-effective logistics solutions to help businesses achieve ongoing success and competitive advantage in this dynamic environment.

Our Core Values

Denote and represent the deeply held beliefs within Roy Parcels Services. These timeless principles are intrinsic values, which are seen in all our employees through our day-to-day behaviour and attitude. We hold these values close to our hearts as these are the very values, which make us Roy parcels Services

Delivered Promise

Trustworthiness & Excellence Driven

Roy parcels Services Delivers

  • Dedicated Workforce
  • Efficient and Excellent Service
  • Learning & Growth
  • Intimacy with Business Partners
  • Value Stakeholders
  • Exceed Customers Expectation
  • Respect for Individual Dignity
  • Socially Responsible
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